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April 15 - Anointing for Death

Apr 14, 2019

Look at Today's Readings

Scripture: It is fitting that as Jesus prepares for his final stays in Jerusalem that he stay at the house of Lazarus, Mary, and Martha. During his stay while they reclined at table, Martha anointed Jesus' feet with expensive and perfumed oil. Judas began to complain (because he couldn't skim money from selling that). This anointing was a special act of devotion for the one who is the resurrection, for the one who rose her brother from the grave. Isaiah prophesied about the suffering servant, but the tender compassion of his friends was not foretold. It is only right as the Messiah revealed his tender compassion for us.

Core Faith Principle: This is Holy Week, where we prepare to celebrate the sacred mysteries of our salvation. This ancient practices of celebrating the Lord's Supper, Honoring the Cross, and keeping Vigil for the resurrection is well worth the effort. In the sacred Triduum we hear the heartbeat of the Holy Church. It is the core elements of our faith that are on display and we come to see our faith more clearly by practicing those days well.

Living this at Home: Consider participating in the Holy Triduum this weekend. The Easter Vigil may be a bit long for small children, but anyone in grades 4+ should be able to handle it. The symbolism and power of the liturgy is simply amazing. Holy Thursday and Good Friday begin at 7PM and the Easter Vigil begins at 8PM>



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