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March 12- Prayer

Mar 11, 2019

Look at Today's Readings

Scripture: God's word is efficacious. It does what it says it does. The Lord is teaching us through Isaiah that His words multiply goodness and don't return to him empty. One can say that the Lord's words are like a fishing net that is cast out, but each time it is drawn in it is full of fish. Our words are not so powerful and are not so pure. So when we take the time to pray the prayer that God gave us, we should trust that this prayer, by itself, will multiply goodness for us and our neighbors. Our prayers are not like a vending machine, put more in and get more out. Rather the Lord requires of us a simple sincerity in prayer. The Lord already knows what you need but in the dialogue God has the chance to speak too (if we're listening), so don't babble on like the pagans, but take the time to listen.

Core Faith Principle: A priest or religious who prays the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office), goes to daily mass, and prays a rosary, will have said the Lord's prayer 10+ Times a day. This answers the Lord's command to his church to "Pray always." Just the same as there is some act of sin happening around the world at every hour, there is also the prayer of the Catholic Church rising up all over the world 24 hours a day in many nations and languages. Every day, there are people praying for you, by name or intention, and you may have no idea. Some people when they look a the night sky they see darkness, but the truth is that space is full of light from all the stars but at a wave length that our eyes cannot perceive. So when we feel like we are alone or abandoned, surrounded by darkness, we should take cheer in that there are those who are praying for us whom we don't know (saints in heaven, and those in purgatory we may not realize). 

Living this at Home: This part really is easy. Make the Our Father a part of the life of your family. Whether you pray it before school, before a sporting event, before bed, or any time at all. The more your family grows with this prayer, the more abundant gifts Gods words will deliver to your family. You may consider getting a picture for the wall with the Our Father printed on it (like the picture above), or even carry a small prayer card. I don't know how else to say it, just make a purposeful effort to add more prayer into family life.


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