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Aug 31, 2018

Dear Youth Ministry Board Members and Friends, 

As an effort to increase awareness of parish activities at large and to make it easier to engage young families, we are working very hard to have a comprehensive media strategy for Corpus Christi St. Bernard Parish. Below are the different elements that we will be using this year:

  • Parish Website -
  • Parish Bulletin - This reaches the weekly church goer as well as non-computer savvy parishioners
  • Signup Genius - We have a full account and can assign admins - We are hoping this will help us streamline sign-ups, volunteer, and event coordination.
  • Constant Contact - We have a full account and can assign admins - This will be used for digital news, updates, surveys, and event coordination.
  • Facebook - - This will be the new facebook home for the parish. There is an old page that we hope to merge into this one. There will also be a youth ministry page on Facebook but it is not targeted toward the youth. It would rather be a hub for parents to stay know what's happening in youth ministry. I am still resolving a naming issue with the youth page.
  • Twitter - The parish now has a Twitter account @ccsbparish - Again this is not directed at youth but adults and parish activities. There is NO PLAN for a youth twitter account.
  • Instagram - Parish Instagram will be ccsbnewton (it will link with twitter & facebook). The youth instagram will be ccsbym (it will link with the youth facebook page details will follow when the naming problem has been resolved).
  • We have no plans to use Snapchat.

Child Safety Considerations for Media - We follow Virtus and Diocesecan Guidelines

As with our website, constant contact, and other media, we will only use photos of minors with parental permission. As a policy we never use last names and as a general rule won't mention first names either. (Photos posted should have generic meta-data). There is to be no private communications with minors over social media platforms, if a child needs personal/private guidance it needs to be given in person within the context of safe environment. All social media usage by the parish, its employees, and volunteers (for parish accounts) are subject to the prudential judgment of the pastor for its continued use or cancellation. 

I would appreciate your feedback, ideas, and suggestions for how the Parish may best use these modern tools safely and effectively, Please comment below. Though some of these accounts are set-up and tested, they will not be advertised or promoted until the Pastor has a chance to review them.


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