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Aug 31, 2018

Dear Youth Ministry Board Members and Friends,

I am going to post below the tentative schedules for each of the Youth Ministry levels below. I would love your feedback on the following questions:

Please post your feedback as a comment below
  • Do the dates and times work?
  • Are there any conflicts with school or sports?
  • Are there better days to run these events?
  • Should we increase or decrease the frequency of these events?
  • Are there any events or themes that we should add/subtract?
  • Are there any events/themes that your would like to take a leadership role in?
  • Any other feedback is always welcome


I have begun a discussion with the other parishes in Newton at the possibility of planning City-Wide Catholic Youth Trips, Events, and Outings. Here are the perceived advantages to this type of collaboration:

  • Easier Transportation (With more students we can take buses instead of cars/vans) this reduces personal liability for volunteers as well.
  • Group discounts - the larger our groups, the better discounts we can negotiate with vendors.
  • More Churches, More Friends, One Identity - By combining parishes for outings the youth are more likely to have a friend accompany them on the trip but it also reminds us that we work as universal church as well as a particular church.
  • Shared labor - each parish doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, instead we can share the work.

If you have any feedback, pro or con, to the idea of collaborating in this way, please comment below.

Tentative Full Family Youth Ministry Schedule

All Full Family Youth Ministry Events begin at 6:00 PM in the Parish Center

Friday, September 21 – Family Movie Night

Friday, October 19 – Family Movie Night

Friday, November 9 – Family Feud Night

Friday, November 16 – Family Movie Night

Thursday, December 6 – Feast of St. Nicholas

Friday, December 21 – Family Movie Night

Friday, January 18 – Family Movie Night

Friday, January 25 – Double Dare Night

Friday, February 15 – Family Movie Night

Friday, March 15 – Family Movie Night

Friday, May 17 – Family Movie Night

Tentative Middle School Youth Ministry Schedule

With the exception of December for the Christmas Party, they are all First Fridays.

All Middle School Youth Ministry Events begin at 7:00 PM in the Parish Center

Friday, October 5 – Holy Dodge Ball

Friday, November 2 – Mystery Night

Friday, December 14 – Christmas Party

Friday, January 4 – Live Mad Libs

Friday, February 1 – Cupid’s Madness

Friday, March 1 – Marshmallow Night

Friday, April 5 – Q-Tip Battleship

Friday, May 3 – Year End Party – Scavenger Hunt

Tentative High School Youth Ministry Schedule

All High School Youth Ministry Events begin at 7:00 PM in the Parish Center*

*Unless otherwise noted

Sunday, October 7 – Youth Ministry Bonfire

Sunday, October 14 – Cookies & Jesus  

Sunday, October 21 – Trivia Night

Sunday, October 28 – Old School YM Games

Saturday, November 3 – Youth Ministry Day Retreat (1-5PM)

Sunday, November 11 – Veterans Night – Service Project

Sunday, November 18 – Turkeys & Pilgrims

Sunday, December 2 – Holy Dodgeball

Sunday, December 9 – Epic Spoons & Other Card Games

Sunday, December 16 – Christmas Cookies & Jesus

Sunday, December 23 – Christmas Party

Sunday, January 6 – Mystery Night

Sunday, January 13 – Marshmallow Night

Sunday, January 20 – YM Winter Olympics

Sunday, January 27 – Don Bosco Night

Sunday, February 10 – Valentine’s Day Party

Sunday, February 24 – Old School YM Games 2

Sunday, March 10 – Lenten Bible Study 1

Sunday, March 17 – Lenten Bible Study 2

Sunday, March 24 – Lenten Bible Study 3

Sunday, March 31 – Lenten Bible Study 4

Sunday, April 7 – Lenten Bible Study 5

Sunday, April 28 – Trivia Night 2

Sunday, May 5 – YM Year End Party



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