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Aug 23, 2018

Youth Pointing Towards the Camera

Welcome to the Youth Ministry Board Blog

The Youth Ministry Board is open to anyone who has a heart for bringing young people closer to Jesus Christ. This blog has been established in order to allow our active volunteers, parents, and parishioners a chance to offer ideas, support, and feedback for our events. By having a digital home for training, discussion, planning, and enrichment, our board members and youth ministry volunteers will be able to stay up to date from anywhere at anytime.

Become a Youth Ministry Volunteer

What is the time commitment?

Adults are welcome to volunteer for one event, two events, or even all the events. The general rule is that you can choose the events on the calendar that work for you. If we don't have enough adults for any given event, we will be forced to cancel it. 

What do I have to do?

It is very simple really, just use the gifts that God gave you. Our volunteers can take active or passive roles, lead roles or support roles. So if you've got a game show host personality perhaps you'll volunteer to lead an event, or if you are a behind the scenes personality perhaps you'll play an organizational or support role. You do not have to be a youth expert, just a kind volunteer who seeks to support the youth in growing closer to Jesus.

Contact Matt Marchand

If you are interested in becoming a Youth Ministry Volunteer or making yourself available in the future, please contact Matt Marchand by phone or e-mail. A short conversation will be able to determine how you might best be able to help. This will help keep all safety and contact records accurate.

Child Safety

Every adult volunteer will be ask to submit an annual CORI form and must complete the one-time  Virtus - Child Advocacy Program (CAP) training.

Commenting Rules

All comments on this blog are moderated. This will ensure that the information remains relevant, safe, and productive. Anyone is welcome to post a comment whether it is a parent, parishioner, or volunteer, but please be patient with the moderation process. I would ask that people only post what may be helpful to the whole board or the subcommittee and avoid personal communications. Try to keep comments brief and focused.

Thank You and Welcome!


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