Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers prayerfully serve the people of Corpus Christi-St. Bernard Parish by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ during Eucharistic celebrations. 

It is a gift to be a Eucharistic Minister – to share the Body and Blood of Christ with another,” said one Eucharistic Minister recently reflecting on her experience at the parish. The moment of communion is one that should be seized by both the minister and the communicant.  This moment is unique because it is both personal and much bigger than the two people.

Those called to this ministry have, or soon acquire the grace in movement and reverence in touch.  Reverence in touch is especially important for Eucharistic Ministers since their whole work involves taking in hand the vessels of the Body of Christ and of the Blood of Christ and sharing them with everyone. The eyes of the minister should meet the eyes of the communicant.  The minister says words of the formula “the Body of Christ” directly to the person.  When placing the consecrated host into the hand of the communicant there should be a slight and brief touch.  The same is true of the cup, eye contact, the words “the Blood of Christ” and touching!  All are in communion with the person of our Lord. We have communion with our living, loving, and nourishing God. This means that there can be no rush.  One ministers communion with reverence and dignity.

PLEASE contact Deacon John Burkly for more information about becoming a Eucharistic Minister. John will train you not only in practical matters, but offer some theological, pastoral and spiritual guidance with respect to this important ministry of the church.