What is a Lector? 

A lector is the person who proclaims the first and/or second reading at Mass. He or she may, when the deacon is not present,  may lead the Prayers of the Faithful at Mass. A lector is encouraged to have the qualifications listed below and have a desire to minister in this capacity at the Eucharistic liturgy. This ministry in the Church requires a person who is serious about the practice of their faith. A lector believes that Sacred Scripture is the Word of God and have deep respect for God's presence in that Word.

How does a person become a Lector?

It begins with prayerful discernment...is God calling me to be more involved in my parish? Is proclaiming the Word of God something that I could do well to serve my parish? Lectors are carefully chosen based on their skills in proclamation, their willingness to complete a brief period of formation in this ministry and their evidence of a deep spirituality. If you are an adult, or teen who has been confirmed, and feel you may have the gift of proclaiming, please contact Maureen Connell, our Pastoral Associate and Lectors Coordinator 617-244-0608 or email: [email protected]

What is required for formation?

All new candidates receive training from a member of the pastoral staff. 

The instruction includes the following:

  • Spirituality for Ministers of the Word
  • Preparing the Scriptures prayerfully
  • Instruction in Liturgy of the Word
  • Proclaiming the Word: practicum and formation in speaking before the assembly