Music Ministry

Our parish Music Ministry consists of Leaders of Song, the Adult Choir, and the Children's Choir. 

Leaders of Song are seasoned singers who lead the assembly at Mass in the music sung during the liturgy. Leaders of Song will sing at 1 parish Mass each weekend and seasonal liturgical celebrations, such as Christmas, Easter, and other significant parish Masses.

The Adult Choir sings at the 10 AM Mass and other special liturgies. Choir members are asked to rehearse for 15 minutes prior to each Mass and for 1 hour following Sunday Mass. Other rehearsals are scheduled throughout the year for special Masses. High school youth are strongly encouraged to participate as well. 

The Children's Choir comes together several times throughout the year for Christmas, Easter and First Eucharist celebrations as well. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 receive instruction and rehearsals are scheduled at suitable times for children. 

For additional info please contact Mary Nolan.