Let's Get Ready for Lent!

Peace be with you!

It's hard to believe that in a week and a half we will begin our Lenten journey. On Wednesday the 22nd, Catholics around the world will receive a cross of ashes on our forehead. Depending on where we go to receive our ashes, we will hear the minister say one of two things to us. He or she will say "Repent and believe in the Gospel" or "Remember that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return."

Both "Repent" and "Remember" usher us into a season that seeks to remind us that we need to rely on God in all things. In a homily given a few years ago by Fr. Mike Schmitz to the students of the University of Minnesota Duluth, he advised everyone on what to do during Lent. He said to give up 1 of 2 things, if not both, some sort of food and distractions.

We live in a world that is good, but it is a world that can easily distract us from God. Whether it is television, music, podcasts, food, or anything that we turn to "to pass the time," we can become distracted and forget about tending to our relationship with God.

As we approach Lent, let us begin to pray about where we can grow this Lent. What is God asking us to sacrifice these next couple of months so we can make more space for Him in our lives? As we decide what we're going to do this Lent, let us make sure it is done firstly for love of God. Our sacrifices may be difficult, but if we are ever mindful of why we are making our sacrifices, then this Lent will be fruitful in our lives.

It's never too early to start living the spirit of Lent. If we know what we're giving up, then we can begin to slowly work it into our day-to-day in preparation for Ash Wednesday. If we're still praying about what to do for Lent, we can "try out" different sacrifices until we find the ones we want to move forward with.

Lent is not a one size fits all. Each of us will experience this season differently. The beauty is that we will all share the one Resurrection of Easter Morning when Christ defeated even death.


Totus Tuus!

Corpus Christi-St. Bernard's Communications Team


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