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The Wisdom of Contentment

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/23/20

In this weekend’s readings we see that Solomon is praised for choosing wisdom, St. Paul calls us to conform ourselves to Christ’s divine life, and Christ Himself tells us to find the “Treasure in the field,” and the “Pearl of Great Price.”  All three of these readings have an underlying ... Read More »

For the Kingdom Within the Republic

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/03/20

Our Nation is enduring a time of trial. It is not the first trial, nor will it be the last. We are enduring a world-wide pandemic while at the same time confronting the nation’s history of slavery and racial division. With the upcoming elections in November, all of the ... Read More »

The Allegory of Pinnochio

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/03/20

You can argue with me if you'd like, but Pinnochio is the best Disney movie ever made! #FightMe. To me, it is the Gospel told in a different way, it is the perfect allegory for those who are going to receive Confirmation. There are so many layered truths ... Read More »