Family Ministry

Family Ministry

Mission Trip Conclusion

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/15/19

Hello Everyone,

We are all home safe and sound after a wonderful, life-changing, week of service, prayer, and fun! I want to take a moment and thank everyone for following this blog and for your support! We needed your prayers as many small miracles did occur during this ... Read More »

Day 8 - South Dakota!

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/13/19

Hello Everyone,

Leaving at 12:00 AM from Billings, the kids slept on the bus overnight as we traveled through Wyoming to South Dakota. Many of them were awakened at 7:00 AM to a stopped bus which pulled up to Mt. Rushmore! When we discovered the bus was traveling ... Read More »

Day 7 - White Water Rafting

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/13/19

Hello Everyone!

Sorry that this blog post is a day late but this was practically speaking a technology free day for me and the kids. We left the camp at 6:00 AM to travel down to Gardiner, MT to enjoy an amazing day of White Water Rafting on ... Read More »

Day 6 - The Final Day of Work

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/12/19

Today was the last day of work and every single project was completed on time (some with the help of other crews who finished early). It was a rather magical day of hard work and celebration. The people we served were invited to celebrate with us at the ... Read More »

Day 5 - Four Corners

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/11/19

Good Morning Everyone!

Last night was a busy night and so our blog post had to be pushed off to the morning. 

Many of our teens reported in the morning that they loved the experience of Eucharistic Adoration they had had the night before. They all filed out ... Read More »

Day 4 - Work and Adoration

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/09/19

In case you didn't know, today is TACO TUESDAY! It is the yearly proof that with enough marketing any food can be considered tasty. 

Aside from a short rainfall we had a very beautiful day to work today. All the kids are settling into their groups and are ... Read More »

Day 3 - First Day of Work

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/08/19

At 6:15 AM the wake up call came over the intercom and the kids began to prepare for their first day of work. For many of the campers they were being assigned to a massive Christian charitable organization in Billings that is a collaboration of many services for ... Read More »

Day 2 - St. Bernard's & Arrival at Camp

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/08/19

We have all successfully arrived in Billings, MT! Everything happened according to plan but it was still tiring, I am sure the kids will sleep very well tonight (it is 11PM MST now). Tonight all of the youth met their work crews, consisting of kids from all around ... Read More »

Day 1 - Mall of America!

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/06/19

Sorry the picture is sideways!  We were treated to a beautiful sunrise as all of our campers were right on time today! Prayers answered.  We had a smooth flight, ahead of schedule.  Right now many of our youth are exploring the Aquarium!


We are getting ready ... Read More »

Summer Mission Trip - Send Off Mass

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 7/05/19

Greetings Everyone,

I thought it would be fun to host a daily blog for our Summer Mission Trip. This may be a short-lived project depending on my access to wifi/internet in Billings, MT. However, if I am able to establish a connection, I will try to keep adding updates ... Read More »


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