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April 11 - Greater than Abraham

Apr 10, 2019

Look at Today's Readings

Scripture: A while back I said that I could spend a lot of time talking about how Jesus is the fulfillment of every covenant that God made with humanity. Today we see how Jesus is marking the fulfillment of the covenant with Abraham. What was the promise to Abraham? That his descendants should be numerous, that kingdoms and kings would stem from his line and that the land of Canaan would belong permanently to him. Jesus fulfills this in Himself. He is the eternal King of the Jews and is descendant of Abraham. This makes Abraham's line eternal. He is King of the Jews ascended to heaven, so that both the promise of kings to Abraham and the Promise of an everlasting line from David are both fulfilled. About the promised land, this has been fulfilled through improvement to the inheritance of the Kingdom of God. The people are already offended that Jesus is claiming superiority to Abraham, but when he uses the Lord's name "I AM" YHWH for Himself, they pick up stones to kill him.We should take note that Jesus is combative with the priests. He is often depicted as this soft and gentle soul that never ruffles any feathers. This is not true. He triggers the pharisees so badly that multiple times in 3 years they tried to kill him. 

Core Faith Principle: The Jews inherited the covenant of Abraham through the circumcision of the flesh. The new and everlasting covenant with God is through Jesus Christ and the external sign is no longer needed. We are not circumcised into the new covenant, but rather we are baptized into it. Our heritage is not one born to us through flesh and blood (physical birth) but rather it is one of spiritual rebirth. This is why a baptismal name is given to recognize that Saul is now Paul and Simon is now Peter. There is a change in the character of the soul that joins it to the Family of God and makes them inheritors of divine life as adopted sons and daughters of God. The promise is no longer choice lands on earth, thousands of descendants, or earthly thrones. Now the promise is that all those who believe will be your family, you'll have no need of descendants. We will inherit heaven itself, and the crown we wear will be one of service and not power.

Living this at Home:  Have you ever talked to your children about vocation. Instead of just letting them ride the conveyor belt of life from one grade to the next, do you ever ask them to consider what God made them for. What passions did God give them? How do they glorify God through their passions? Next, do you trust God has plan for your children? Or are you trying to manufacture a plan for them? Do you pray and ask God what he would like your children to become? Do you pray for your children's future spouse? That wherever he or she is that they are growing strong in virtue, love, and responsibility? Do you ever spend time meditating on the gift God gave you in your children. Tell your children you love them and then explore and share their dreams with them.


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