March 2019 archive of Family Ministry

March 2019 archive of Family Ministry

March 11 - The Law is Love for Jesus and Neighbor

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 3/10/19

Look at Today's Readings

Scripture: A long time before Jesus was born God spoke to his chosen people to begin their formation. Nothing in this Hebrew scripture should surprise the Christian because God does not change, nor does His plan of salvation. Why do you think that the Lord had ... Read More »

March 10 - Jesus is Tempted

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 3/09/19

Look at Today's Readings

Scriptures: If you have been following this blog, you probably have already noted that our faith is based on relationship with God. In the first reading we see that the Jews are being reminded that God first helped them to become a nation, then ... Read More »

March 9 - Follow the Call and Be Light to Others

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 3/08/19

Look at Today's Readings

Scriptures: Jesus calls Matthew (Levi) to be on of his Apostles in today's Gospel. Matthew is a tax collector and is renowned for consorting with sinners. Even as Matthew accepts the Lord's invitation to join him and throws the Lord a great party; there were ... Read More »

March 8 - Fasting and Justice

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 3/07/19

Look at Today's Readings

Scriptures: In today's scriptures the Lord is challenging the vanity that occurs when people fast. There is in some a pride that occurs or a self-righteousness that they are fasting. There can even be a sense of "keeping up with the Joneses" and one-upping others ... Read More »

March 7 - An invitation with a cost.

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 3/07/19

Look at Today's Readings

Note: I will post these blogs 1-4 days ahead in case our readers want to read the day's earlier in the mornings.

Scriptures: Moses sets before the Hebrew people life and death, prosperity and doom. The choice is simple, choose God, love God, obey God, and ... Read More »

March 6 - Ash Wednesday

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 3/06/19

March 6, 2019 - Ash Wednesday

Look at Today's Readings

Scriptures: We are all called to remember today that we are sinners and that we can offend the Lord through our actions, habits, and attitudes. However, we also remember that God is kind and merciful, the heavens rejoice in ... Read More »

A Lenten Journey - Welcome - Fat Tuesday

Posted by Matthew Marchand on 3/05/19


Today is Fat Tuesday, tomorrow begins the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday. Lent is a special season that we celebrate each year as a time to grow closer to God through fasting, sacrifice, charity, and study. In my efforts as Director of Family Faith Formation at the ... Read More »


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