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Building a Faith-Filled Home

Oct 3, 2018

2018 - Religious Education Theme - "Building a Faith-Filled Home"

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Grand Opening exercise! The old saying is, "Many hands make for light work." We saw that when a community of faith works in harmony that each contribution works to a greater whole. I thought it would be nice to review and reinforce each element of our project and how they might be helpful in reinforcing your family's faith at home.

Create a faith-filled home in the modern world

The advice and ideas presented in this blog are intended for families living in a real world. It is my hope that the ideas below and the ideas in subsequent blog posts are going to be practical things that can realistically occur in the ordinary flow of family life. We all know that routines are important but we also understand that a day that runs exactly according to those routines (without drama) are a true blessing. I hope that some of these simple ideas can remind you and your children of the constant and loving presence of God in your hearts and in your home.



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