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Day 1 - Mall of America!

Jul 6, 2019


Sorry the picture is sideways!  We were treated to a beautiful sunrise as all of our campers were right on time today! Prayers answered.  We had a smooth flight, ahead of schedule.  Right now many of our youth are exploring the Aquarium!


We are getting ready to leave the MOA at 5:30 PM CST and we'll stop at Applebees for dinner before heading to North Dakota! 

Godt willing, we will have internet in Billings and I'll be able to keep everyone updated with tomorrow's visit to St. Bernard's (in Billings, MT) and the beginning of the Camp experience! Can't wait to show everyone the videos and pictures when we get back home.

Thanks for your support!



  • Sandy TsaoPosted on 7/07/19

    Thanks so much for the updates! Wishing you all a wonderful time!

  • Christine GilliganPosted on 7/07/19

    Thanks for the pictures and the updates. Great seeing the kids
    Enjoy camp

  • Ellen CormierPosted on 7/07/19

    Have a great time!

  • Donna CostaPosted on 7/07/19

    Thanks so much for the updates Matt, we love seeing and hearing from you!



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