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Day 3 - First Day of Work

Jul 8, 2019

At 6:15 AM the wake up call came over the intercom and the kids began to prepare for their first day of work. For many of the campers they were being assigned to a massive Christian charitable organization in Billings that is a collaboration of many services for the poor and those in need. Some were working in thrift stores, others at the food bank, some working on the buildings themselves, some working on the services offered in the buildings.

The weather forecast was calling for rain and thunderstorms to interfere with the workday, but by God's grace the storms passed before we boarded the bus and held off until we returned to the camp. The storms passed and left behind beautiful and comfortable weather!

Not only was today the first day of work, it was also the first standard program. The program involved dancing, singing, games, skits, prayer, and reflection. Tomorrow night's program includes some pleasant surprises for our new campers as well as a special moment of prayer.  I will try to shoot some videos of photos of those two events to share with you all for the next blog post.

We ended the night as a youth group where each participant received a small wooden Catholic Heart Work Camp cup to take home. We reflected as a group about the love that God has given us in our life and how we are meant to both give that love away and prepare ourselves to be refilled by the everlasting fountain of God's love. We talked about how every good relationship, with God and with our peers, requires sacrifice and fidelity. We challenged the youth to be open to forming new friendships through the gift of love and by preparing to receive the free gift from others.

I almost forgot, several of our youth today participated in the daily rosary where they could pray for those who are praying for them. We hope with each new day more and more of our youth will join the rosary group.

Thanks again for your prayerful support.


  • Sr. JeanettePosted on 7/09/19

    Glad you arrived safely - have a great work week and keep that wooden cup overflowing with love and service daily.
    Sr. Jeanette



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