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Day 5 - Four Corners

Jul 11, 2019

Good Morning Everyone!

Last night was a busy night and so our blog post had to be pushed off to the morning. 

Many of our teens reported in the morning that they loved the experience of Eucharistic Adoration they had had the night before. They all filed out again to their work sites to try to complete their projects on time. It started off as a nice and cool morning with a gentle breeze, but by mid afternoon temperatures soared up high into the nineties. "Drink Water" was the #1 phrase and our youth have been doing a great job staying hydrated in the heat. 

When the campers came back to the camp we had an early dinner in order to make room for the four corners prayer experience. This was the opportunity for the youth to go to confession, do some prayerful reflection, or to speak and pray with an adult. This process is powerful way for youth to strengthen their connection to God and to receive prayer and support.  

Everyone is excited about our last day of service! Today the blankets by the knitting guild will be given to the people we serve and we hope our prayers for them will bring a lasting comfort.


  • ann purcellPosted on 7/13/19

    The knitting ministry has been praying not only for the people from CCSB but also for the unnamed people who will receive the blankets , They will be forever be connected to our parish in prayer



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