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Day 6 - The Final Day of Work

Jul 12, 2019

Today was the last day of work and every single project was completed on time (some with the help of other crews who finished early). It was a rather magical day of hard work and celebration. The people we served were invited to celebrate with us at the evening program where many shared their thoughts about the experience. There was a really touching moment where a homeless woman shared the story of how she had formed a strong relationship over the course of the week working with one of the campers. The room was filled with gratitude and humility.

After a short intermission we had our final nighttime program with a great celebration of songs, dancing, and our youth group performed in a Lip Sync Contest. We can't wait to share the video with the community at our celebration. There was also some fun games and an amazing light show/dance party.  To end the night we met as a group to offer affirmations for one another.

Tomorrow (Friday), we will be going white water rafting on the Yellowstone River! We are anticipating a great time.  

There are so many stories to share, we can't wait to tell them all.


  • ann purcellPosted on 7/13/19

    Can't wait until October 20 when we will hear from the young people who participated in the program



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