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Day 7 - White Water Rafting

Jul 13, 2019

Hello Everyone!

Sorry that this blog post is a day late but this was practically speaking a technology free day for me and the kids. We left the camp at 6:00 AM to travel down to Gardiner, MT to enjoy an amazing day of White Water Rafting on the Yellowstone River. The kids enjoyed navigating the rapids, jumping in and floating down the river, and even jumping from a bridge into the river. The running joke was the kids acknowledging that they jumped off the bridge because all of their friends did! As good Catholics we said a prayer before we took to the river. At the end of the run a storm came on down the canyon that carried a lightning flash that prompted a spontaneous and earnest Hail Mary.  We were quickly off the river and the storm passed us by. 

After rafting, we went to a campsite for a bonfire, cookout, and games. A few hours later, the kids were well fed, tired, and ready to sleep on the bus. Even before the day was over, many of the youth were declaring that it was a truly excellent day!



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