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March 27 - Keeping the Law

Mar 27, 2019

Look at Today's Readings

Scriptures: This is a little late today because I keep starting and stopping. The Law of Moses that Jesus fulfilled (not abolished) is being widely rejected by our nation as a law with moral authority. This means that I am entrapped with the inevitable likelihood that by promoting the Law of Moses I will offend another who has rejected it; it means that by telling another they are wrong, I will be seen as uncharitable. This comes from a saying that itself would offend people if I said it were not true, "what is true for me may not be true for you." This is a statement that doesn't necessarily mean the person believes the truth can be two different things at once, in common parlance it means we have a disagreeing idea of truth but don't want to fight about it. So I start and stop, stop and start this message because I don't want to offend. So let us do a thought experiment. I believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and my Savior. Jesus ratifies and fulfills the law of Moses. Then there are those who have changed the Law of Moses by some other authority (culture, personal believe, etc). How, then, should I talk about marriage and divorce, or divorce and remarriage, without offending those who may be in violation? (or those who believe differently). How might I speak of homosexuality, fornication, pornography, etc without offending those who accept those practices without viewing them as against any moral law? What might I say to those who accept abortion or euthanasia as a form of mercy not murder? How shall I argue against the proclamations of normalcy, happiness, and people who testify for themselves that despite acting against the Law that there is no real need to follow that law? Do you see my dilemma? Christ did not abolish the law, but many people around me have abolished it for themselves. If the Lord's authority is not enough to bind them to the law, what authority do I have? If the Church's authority, tarnished by its own sin but not diminished, is not enough to interpret that law for others, what authority do I have to interpret it for them? In an attempt to walk the line, I'd ask one final question, what or who is your ultimate authority? Is it your mind? Thoughts? Feelings? Or is it God, the Law of Moses, Jesus, and the Church He established?

Core Principle of Faith: Many Catholics are being accused of being "a la carte" Catholics or "Cafeteria" Catholics. They simply take those elements that please them and ignore those elements they do not wish to have. Catholic life is about uniting oneself with God to share the Lord's own divinity and divine life. God first conformed to us by His Incarnation in Jesus Christ. Now we, body and soul, need to conform to the Holy Spirit that is the link between us. The law was written through the Holy Spirit. Jesus fulfilled it through the Holy Spirit. We must decide as Catholics whether or not we conform ourselves to that Spirit while we live. While there is doubt. While it requires belief and faith. Once the Lord reveals to us the fullness of truth when we die, we will no longer have the right to freely choose to believe. It will become compulsory to believe because the truth is one and once revealed fully there is no doubt. The same as we must learn to love God freely here on earth where God's true glory and beauty is hidden behind a veil. For when we see the Lord face to face, we will be overwhelmed and can't help but worship and love. Yet if we freely choose it now, without the pleasure, the full beauty, the full glory, it will be sincere in Heaven and hence we are here on earth for our trial. So it will be that it would be eternally insincere for us to deny God's law here on earth, with the use of free will, and then allow God to overwhelm us with truth into supporting a law that you would have written differently. So what do we do with this discord? How can we be sincerely one if we were sincerely two? One must surrender in humility to the other or forever remain separated. I must surrender before I die because there are no more choices after death; I either begin uniting perfectly with God, or I begin separating completely. It is not genuine love unless it is free, it is not free unless it can reject, it is the choice that makes it sincere.

Living this at Home: Teach your children Catholic morality and you will be greatly blessed by the Lord. You will become the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Teach them to sin, allow them to sin without correction, and you will be the least in the kingdom of heaven. The morals of the law are not fulfilled by punitive measures, the morals of the law are fulfilled through love. Teach your children to love and be loved. Most of all, especially for those who have children approaching First Communion, teach them to surrender to the will of God in their lives. That they and God are to be one! This is our faith, be proud to share it with your family.


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