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March 28 - Unity vs. A Kingdom DIvided

Mar 28, 2019

Look at Today's Readings

Scriptures: Another possible title for today's post could have been obedience, unity, power. Jeremiah deals with a people who have been given great blessings through God's direct action, yet history and law are not enough by themselves to keep people faithful. Vices and human passions cause them to drift away from the Word of God and the promise.Even the great prophet would at times complain, "Who am I?" when he was called to preach to the people. He, like the people he was to preach to, did not believe in the power of one person to make a difference. Casting out demons with demons would be the same as sinners correcting other sinners. It would be a battle that would never stop, because a lawsuit laid by a guilty man is bound to have a countersuit. Both parties will loose. Yet if those demons are driven out by the finger of God, it will be done with unparalleled holiness and without a means counterstrike. If Jeremiah were able to  humble himself, he would submitted to the power of God working through him instead of only thinking of his own measly powers. For us, too, we do not admonish the sinner based on our innocence, but the Holy Spirit within us. We first accept responsibility for our own sin and subject ourselves to God's loving mercy. It is only then that we invite our sinful brother or sister to do the same, not because we gain some moral high ground (become a strongman guarding a palace), but that we only wish to share the abundant mercy and love we first received.

Core Principle of Faith: Angels are often misunderstood. Every angel is a unique species of creature unto itself that falls under nine choirs, among them are the Seraphim, Cherubim, Arch Angels etc. A simple google search will explain them all. Because angels are pure spirit they are only differentiated by their substance, so the only thing that makes them different from other angels (its identity) is marked by its particular job, role, message, etc., but more importantly by their eternal choices. Angels are eternal creations. That means that they are a manifestation of God's eternal will, by God's nature were they created, and God's nature is eternal. Because of this Angels too are outside of time though can participate in time. The character of an angel is determined by their eternal choices (free will) and so some rebelled against God and became demons, while others held their place in glory. It is important to note that though angels are infinitely more complicated than us, they sin for the same reason we do. Ultimately, they want to take the goodness of creation for themselves, grasp a portion of God's power for themselves, or seek after an indulgence never possible with perfect obedience. For example, Satan wanted to be worshipped.  God's law is to Worship God alone! We saw this with Christ's temptations. However, by breaking from God, satan could play God with all of God's creation, He would cause men to fall and all those beautiful creations would belong to him (so he thought), It was only when God himself set believers free that satan's subjects were reduced (this is how Satan could offer Jesus the kingdoms of the world, by the way). The demons knew from all time, that they too could win souls forever and coveted that. God sent his only Son to rebalance free will and the power of angels over mankind. However, we are always left with a free choice, within the realm of time, to belong to God through obedience or to attempt our own way through disobedience.  When we die, we do not become angels. Our spirit is free from our body (unique, bodiless spirit) which makes us like the angel, but we will be eternally reunited with our body and that body will be conformed to Christ. This means that we the lowly humans have a greater opportunity to be united with God than the Angels who can't be 100% united to God because they would be destroyed (spirit consuming spirit), yet because we have bodies, our spirit can be 100% united with God and our Glorified bodies will mark our identity and maintain it despite the unity of heart, soul, and mind. (Kind of a p.s., Have you ever been curious why demons possess humans? They are jealous of the body. They want a turn, so to speak, with the wonder of the thing denied to them, a body. They want to have something that God took for himself in Christ, a body, that they could never share with God without disobedience.)

 Living this at Home: Promote angels at home (not demons). Let these signs of holy devotion adorn your house. It is an easy practice to help your children recognize that they have Guardian angel and can pray to the special angel that is assigned to them. Our guardian angel can help keep the bad influencing angels away but also are given special powers to warn and protect us by God. Like God, guardian angels gently accompany us in our days, they share our life, but the full gift of our angel will remain a secret if we do not allow ourselves to pray to that Angel. If we send it out ahead of us help urge peace with someone we are in a fight with, we will find reconciliation easier. To ask your angel for help against temptation, to ask for courage and strength, to ask for discipline and fortitude, will be to fulfill God's will for it. To pray to your angel is simply to ask it for the graces that God had planned to give you through that angel. We do not worship angels, we allow them to accompany us through life and to handle the cosmic powers that are beyond our humanity. 


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