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March 9 - Follow the Call and Be Light to Others

Mar 8, 2019

Look at Today's Readings

Scriptures: Jesus calls Matthew (Levi) to be on of his Apostles in today's Gospel. Matthew is a tax collector and is renowned for consorting with sinners. Even as Matthew accepts the Lord's invitation to join him and throws the Lord a great party; there were many who grumbled about the sinners present. Jesus will have none of it! He declares that it is not the healthy but the sick that need a doctor. The Lord calls the weak and the broken to glory. This was foreshadowed by the prophecies of Isaiah. In the first reading Isaiah identifies us as "repairers of the breach" and "Restorer of ruined homesteads." All this is only made possible by allowing Jesus' healing, love, and light to infuse us to our core. In a world with so many broken families, relationships, and divisiveness, we, the Christians, are called to repair the breach and restore the home to its full glory.

Core Faith Principle: When we are baptized we become adopted children of God. Chances are you read the last line passively and simply let it pass as a "matter of fact" without really thinking about it. The Creator of all things has chosen to enter into a relationship more intimate than the covenant he made with Abraham and Moses. We look at them and think, "boy it would be nice to be so close to God," but we forget that God calls us "son" and "daughter." We are promised the inheritance of Divine Life in this life and the life to come. We are not Apostles, we are children of the most high and heirs to the kingdom of God. With that said, why do we allow so much hatred, disunity, anxiety, fear, and concern trample down our days. We must shed those things and embrace faith, hope, and love. We are called to bear out God's light and glory to the darkest of places by our joy, peace, patience, and love. We are not the "Only begotten Son" (or daughter) but the Father wants to work through us nonetheless to continue to establish his kingdom on earth.

Living this at Home: We are called to be "repairers of the breach" and "restorers of ruined homesteads." The world is relentlessly trying to break down our walls and make room inside of our hearts and minds. Every advertiser is looking to store a jingle, a reminder, a need, or a promise in our hearts. They are looking for the cracks in our defenses, looking for when we are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired and then try to offer us some cheap pleasure (at a cost of course) to comfort us. Our society tries to form and shape us to its desires (not necessarily God's desires) to get us to support this, or support that, change this, or change that. Parents especially, are called to be repairers of the many breaches in the walls that protect our sovereignty as children of God. They are meant to do that by creating a home that promotes God's values, that guides troubled youth to find happiness in the relationship of family over the newest phone or gadget. The home should be a place of safety, support, comfort, peace, and healing. This type of home can only be created by being intentional. Pay close attention to what comes in and out, always be sure to invite God in, and push distractions and evils out. It is not easy, of course, but God will bless your efforts. When things are whirling around and you feel like you are never home, or the kids are never home, stop and reflect on that. Fight back against that kind of a schedule and block off time in the schedule to simply be home (you may even want to block of time within that home time for family time). Let home be a sanctuary that restrengthens your family to endure the world, be repairers of the breach.


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