High School YM

Welcome to the High School Youth Ministry Page!

What's happening next...

In this section will be an advertisement for the next event.  As of right now this has not been selected or confirmed. However, I think it would be fun to have a Youth Ministry Bonfire in September where we can make some S'Mores and hang out. I am also planning to organize a trip to Witch's Woods on Friday, October 26th.  Keep checking in here for more information.

What usually happens at High School Youth Ministry?

Youth ministry is a Catholic club where high school teens gather to hang out, share faith, go on adventures, and have fun. Our regular youth group meetings will be the backbone of our program, here are few samples of themes at a Youth Group meeting (each one tends to be 1 hour):

  • Cookies and Jesus - Who doesn't like fresh, hot, cookies out of the oven? We hang out, talk, play cards and yes... eat cookies. 
  • Holy Dodge Ball - It is Dodge Ball with some fun religious theme twists (Guardian Angel, St. Michael, St. Sebastian, Resurrection, etc.)
  • Marshmallow Night - This would be a night of fun Marshmallow based games with a grand finale of Marshmallow Baseball
  • Trivia Night - Select your trivia team and race to answer the questions before the song ends. Prizes for the top team!
  • Mystery Night - Someone has been murdered, put on your detective hat and solve the crime (We can play casual or go all out with costume and decor - that's up to the youth)
  • Holiday Themes - St. Patrick, Valentine's, Christmas, etc. - Fun holiday parties with fun games and activities.
  • And many more!

Here are some examples of possible trips or events:

  • Witch's Woods - 3 Haunted Houses - 1 Haunted Hay Ride - Carnival games, rides, and food - pumpkin display and more.
  • Laser Tag - Battle Royal? Squads? Duos? Top tier system that we can play for hours (day or night, indoor or outdoor) with individual stat tracking throughout the day.
  • Archery Tag - Shoot bow and arrows at each other? Are you kidding? Nope - the specially designed equipment makes it safe and fun for all!
  • Mystery Tour - Jump in a Limo and go to a mystery location in style. 
  • Escape the Room - Work together in teams to figure out how to get out of the room.
  • Mind Trek - Full scale virtual reality experience. Team up with your friends to take on robots or zombies.
  • And many more!

Summer Mission Trip

This year we are taking a group of teens (Must have finished 8th grade or be of High School Age), to Billings, Montana for Catholic Heart Work Camp. This is going to be an awesome adventure! Not only is the experience about bringing all of our youth closer to Jesus, it also helps them to serve their neighbor. One terrific side-effect is the life-long friendships that are forged at CHWC and the opportunity to meet over 300 other teens like you from around the country.  More details will be revealed in September!