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What Usually Happens at Middle School Youth Ministry?

The middle school youth ministry program consists of many theme-based evenings and trips or events. Here are some sample themes for youth ministry nights (each about 1 hour):

  • Q-Tip Night - This whole event is dedicated to games played with Q-tips with a grand finale of Q-Tip Battleship.
  • Christmas Party - "Flying Candy-Cane-Deers"? Come and see the fun. Then a "Red Sox Swap" which is a dynamic card-based swap game that keeps everyone guessing until the last card is drawn.
  • Live Mad Libs - A crazy night of stories gone awry, it is a lot more fun when we act it out!
  • Cupid's Madness - Deploying hundreds of "Finger Rockets" in this Valentine's themed night we have an intense, and funny, rocket war.
  • Scavenger Hunt - Work as team and split the prize? Go it alone and keep it all for yourself? Follow the clues and find the prize. 
  • Halloween/All Saints Party - Team up and compete in a "Make a mummy" contest; The Trick or Treat Game, and more.

The middle school youth ministry group will also have different trips and outing in the year, a sample of opportunities may include:

  • Lowell Spinners game - or another sporting event.
  • Borda Borg - Quest through a real world gaming environment in teams of 3-5!
  • Laser Tag - Battle Royal? Squads? Duos? Top tier system that we can play for hours (day or night, indoor or outdoor) with individual stat tracking throughout the day.
  • Launch Trampoline Park - Dunk basketballs, bounce off the walls, that's what its all about!
  • Ski Trip 
  • Harbor Cruise

Come and Join the Fun! If you don't see something you'd like to do, just let us know!