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The Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

'I was Hungry and you gave me Food, Thirsty and you gave Me Drink...'

 Just a thought...from Fr. Dan   11/22/2020

Join Us for....the Pointesettia Festival

2020 Poinsettia Festival Participation Page

Please support the Religious Retirement Fund
Article by Sr. Jeanette Gaudet (Published in the Pilot)


Remember that during these challenging times inquiries can be left at : [email protected] . Parish staff can be reached at 617-244-0608 leaving messages in appropriate mailboxes or by way of email. We continue to be there for you.


Weekly Faith Enrichment Email

We have sent out our first weekly faith enrichment email to those who opted in. Our first topic is the Holy Spirit. If you would like to receive the weekly faith enrichment emails, please email Matt at [email protected] and he will add you to the distribution list. Also, email Matt if you are not receiving parish-wide emails and he will add your email to the main list. We will keep you up to date with information about our Church and the latest news and happenings in our worship community. 

There is a new meeting time for our Virtual Small Group faith sharing. Open to all adults. We will now begin at 12:15 PM after the Confirmation Check-In Meeting. The meeting says it begins at 12PM because I cannot choose 12:15 as an option. So if you login early and get a message saying that another meeting is in progress, that is because I am running the Confirmation class. I will be sure that their meeting is concluded at by 12:10 PM. So if you get an error, please try again closer to 12:15. 

If you would like to join the meeting you can click here. Or if you have Zoom you can enter:

Meeting ID: 979 0086 8143
Passcode: 244454
If you have any difficulty connecting or if you need more information you can call or text Matt at:

Guidelines for attending Mass during Covid-19 Pandemic / Phase 1    

• The dispensation from Sunday obligation continues indefinitely. All people who are 65 and older or those who have existing health concerns may continue to stay home. People who are not able to wear a mask for health reasons should partake in the celebration of Mass through CatholicTV. The Church will open 15 minutes before the scheduled time for Mass. 

• Attendance is limited due to the need to maintain distancing. Families and those who live together may occupy one bench or row. All individuals will be distanced from each other by 6 feet. When church is full parishioners will be asked to attend another mass.

• Ushers will be available to guide people in an orderly fashion, row by row before Mass directly to a seat. During Communion, they will direct you when to stand and proceed to the altar, and upon dismissal leave row by row to the exit doors. 

• The church will utilize one entryway the center doors of the Main entrance on Washington St. Signage will direct those in need of elevator. Parishioners will be asked to proceed up the center aisle and either sit on the inside pews or continue around to the wall pews. Keeping the 6’ social distance rule. 

• Missallettes have been removed, there will be no congregational singing, & choirs are not allowed. There will be one lector & one minister. There will be no offertory procession. Baskets will be placed at the doors for the offertory collection. We encourage on-line giving and mail ins. There can be no sign of peace. 

• All over the age of 5 are asked to wear a mask during Mass. At Communion all are asked to come to communion by the center aisle and return by the side aisle, keeping a 6 foot distance. All should leave their seat or bench, even if you do not plan to receive Communion, avoiding having to step over one another. Please fully extend your arm with hands cupped as the priest/Eucharistic Minister drops the host into your hand. Please step to the side, where the floor is marked, lift up the bottom of your mask and consume the host before returning to your seat. 

• At the end of Mass, please leave the church immediately by the rear side doors in but do so, row by row, maintaining the 6-foot requirement. .

• Daily Masses is celebrated Monday-Wednesday at 8:00am in the Upper Church, the Chapel remains closed. 

• Saturday Confessions have been suspended. Confessions remain by appointment.
• Parishioners encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer to Mass.  We will also have hand sanitizer available at the doorway to the church.



Welcome to the web pages of Corpus Christi - St. Bernard Parish (a Roman Catholic faith community) in the 'Garden City' of Newton. Our parish, living and thriving here in the western edge of our city, provides much to our parishioners and those outside of that description - all by the grace and life of God our Father, and in the name of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. During this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic we realize these this site has become even more important!

Our beautiful and reverent celebrations of the Mass on Sunday are made more so by the faithful and active participation of all present. Both the daily and Sunday celebrations of the Mass provide an oasis of grace and faith for many parishioners and those who visit. It is through the Eucharist that we are able to accomplish the other works of service and mercy that so define our Catholic tradition.

Each day, through the grace of Christ, we try to build this holy place of Corpus Christi-St. Bernard into a monument of what it means to be prayerfully and generously worthy of the promises of Christ-all in the middle of a public square often alive with voices calling folks elsewhere. As you navigate through these pages at this challenging time, please know that our parish community welcomes you and prays for you.


Fr. Dan O'Connell





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Mission Statement

"Corpus Christi-St. Bernard Parish is a Catholic faith community centered in the Eucharistic celebration. We give witness to our baptismal promises and commit ourselves to learn, love, and live the message of Jesus Christ."


Office Hours

Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00PM

Mass Times

Saturday (Vigil) 4:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM & 10:00 AM
Monday-Wednesday 8:00 AM

Anytime by Appt.

Novena & Prayer Group
Mondays 12:00 PM

Eucharistic Adoration
Wednesdays 8:30 AM

You can financially support Corpus Christi St. Bernard Parish Here:


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