The Call to Discipleship

Peace be with you!

This coming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we will have our Lenten Mission: To Listen and Teach: A Lenten Reflection on Becoming a Disciple.

Members of our staff have worked tirelessly on this project and it is going to be a transformative three days. If anyone is interested in attending, please do and please bring a friend or family member! Each night will begin at 6 pm in the lower church and should wrap up by 6:45 pm.

As we prepare ourselves for the retreat next week, it is good to ask ourselves some questions so we can completely enter into each night.

How is my relationship with Jesus? Am I the best disciple I can be for Him?

How do I respond to issues I face? Do I respond like Christ would?

In what ways can I feed the hungry, both spiritual and physical, in the world?

These questions should be guides for us going into this week. No matter where we are in our journey with Christ, these questions are good to think about. In a world that longs for disciples, we have a wonderful opportunity and privilege to respond to the call that God has placed before us.

"But what about the risks? Won't people look at me differently if I respond to the call God has placed before me?" Maybe, but that's part of being Christian!

Jim Caviezel, the actor who played Jesus in the Passion of the Christ, spoke to thousands of college students gathered at a FOCUS (Fellowship Of Catholic University Students) conference, and said to them: "Be saints. You weren't made to fit in. You were born to stand out."

This week, let us ask God in our prayer how He wants us to stand out. There are so many small ways we can answer the call to discipleship. Let us take the time this week to listen to Him and ask for the grace to respond to the call of discipleship.

Totus Tuus!


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